Food is all around us and can be a source of joy. If you are into having a healthy lifestyle, eating whole foods, personal wellness, or trying to adopt better food choices, this is a place to call home.

There are many voices out there and a lot of good information. I hope to be another great resource for your food questions and needs.

I’m a 49 year old  Midwestern girl who was raised in Indiana and moved to Ohio 27 years ago. I went to Culinary School at age 40  to launch my second career as a personal chef. I’m married and have two children ages 19 and 8. Yes, we have a big age gap but that’s been a source of inspiration for me  in feeding them from babies to teens. We live in the Cincinnati area.

Launching a blog as a resource for healthy whole foods has been on my mind for at least 5 years. Sometimes it takes awhile to get things up and running. I am not tech savvy at all, one of my many flaws. Bear with me as I move along this journey. I do know you will come away with new ideas and recipes.  Follow me and, let’s keep working and learning together to eat well, feel good and pass these gifts on.