I have several culinary and non-culinary items that I can’t live without. My list is long, and it was hard to pick which one I wanted to share first in my Mad Crushes post. Then I realized these amazing pans were first on my list. I highly recommend Ballarini non-stick pans. I have recommended them to several people and now I’m sharing their magic with you. I quote from their website: “The Ballarini Professionale 4500 Series is the must-have nonstick pan for demanding chefs”. You don’t have to be a chef to love the Ballarini collection. These pans are made in Italy with mineral partical non-stick surfaces called Kerastone. The pans are not only durable, but get this…they can go from stove top into a 600 degree oven! Ballarini, you had me at Kerastone! I own the 11 inch non-stick fryer and the 9.5 inch braiser. I use one of these pans every day if I am cooking on my stove top. I own a variety of pans for different purposes. When it comes to a non-stick, I need it to be able to do a couple of tricks. If I am searing a pork loin that I can finish in a hot oven, and making perfect scrambled eggs every time, it is the luxury I want from cookware. I do wash by hand, and store them properly to ensure the surfaces are safe. Check them out at your favorite cooking specialty store or buy online. Oh, did I mention they are reasonably priced? What’s not to love?

4500 professional non-stick fryer

*I am fully endorsing this product because I truly love their performance, no strings attached.

9.5 inch braiser

Here are my hard working pans in action. You’ve seen these images in previous posts.

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