When life hands you lemons, especially during a Pandemic, you make Limoncello. My college-aged student has loved to learn cooking skills and about nutrition the last few years. I mentioned I made limoncello for my clients a few years ago as a gift. He was ready to count down 30-45 days of lemon peels infusing Ohio-made vodka. This would be the perfect gift to give friends once we are out of quarantine. Patience and easy instructions are the recipe for a homemade gift now and for special events.

Bottled and ready to chill for gift giving.


One 750 ml bottle of quality vodka (we used Buckeye)

10 lemon peels

Large jar for infusing

2-1/4 cups simple syrup (see recipe below method)


Peel lemons and add to a jar with the vodka. Place in a cool dark place for 30-45 days. Using a sieve, separate peels from vodka. Add simple syrup. Place in decorative bottles for gifts.

Simple Syrup:

*Equal parts water to sugar

1-1/2 cups water

1-1/2 cups sugar

Place in a pan and heat, slowing until sugar is dissolved. Cool and add to infused vodka.

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