Autumn Salad 2.0

Here’s an updated version of my Autumn Salad from last year. This version has bacon, goat cheese, along with dried fruits, nuts and pears. Really you can add any combination of items in your pantry. Amounts can vary, use what you have and what’s in season.

Great for your Thanksgiving table , lunch/ brunch with friends, a tasty and beautiful dinner for one.


Mixed greens

Shredded Kale

Shredded Red Cabbage

Roasted Butternut Squash

Golden raisins

Dried cranberries




Goat cheese

Apple Cider Vinaigrette:

1 part apple cider vinegar, two parts olive oil, a drizzle of honey, salt and pepper to taste, shake and use or keep until serving.


Servings 1-16

I purposely left out specific amounts so you can create your own mix of ingredient. You can spice up your squash or just roast it with salt and pepper. 1 large 16 oz mixed greens and a small bunch of kale can feed a crowd, but a handful of each can be a serving for one.

Roast squash cubes at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, olive oil, salt pepper or a little cinnamon and chipotle pepper for a kick. Cool.

Toss greens, add squash, bacon, dried fruit of choice, goat cheese, slice pears before you serve add on top and either toss with apple cider vinaigrette or place on the table to have guests add.

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