Alpine Berry Farm

A day at the Berry Farm:

Almost every year, since my son was 4 I have taken my kids to the most charming and peaceful Berry farm to pick our own blueberries. Alpine Berry farm is located about 45 minutes from Cincinnati on 74 in Batesville Indiana. Just off the beaten path once you exit the highway, you drive along country roads and happen upon this gem. The owners are so welcoming and nice. The first year I ventured there no one was is in the farm house, but a note welcomed pickers and where to go. You picked up your bucket and headed into the blueberry field. We picked 2 buckets half full and went to pay for our harvest.  We were greeted by the families golden retriever and another note.  Please weigh your berries, $3.00 a pound and put a check or cash in the cigar box. I was completely surprised and delighted that this method of honesty still existed. We were hooked and have been going back year after year.

If you are in the tri state area, it’s worth the visit. Berries are usually available mid June to mid July. Wednesday’s and Saturday’s until they are picked out. It’s an organic farm and berries are $4.00 a pound.

Here is our day on the farm!

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